Laura Dumbleton-Jones


Before becoming a practitioner, Laura worked as a Police officer for 16 years. During her 16 years she served as a front-line response officer, a Police trainer and a Liaison Officer. Having been involved in countless investigations and incidents Laura has built up awareness of real-life trauma and supported many victims of crime.

Laura studied the martial art of Taekwondo and was a qualified Instructor for children and adults. Laura competed at a high level for both the GB and England ITF teams.

A short time after this Laura experienced personal illness for several years. After striving to gain back her health and well-being Laura overcame her illness in 2011 utilising a combination of NLP and other techniques. This lead Laura toward the study of NLP, the desire to help others and to create a life she loves.

After establishing her own clinic Laura found that her sessions were becoming very popular with children and parents. Laura was helping more and more children who were experiencing anxiety. Laura developed Happy Confident kids in partnership with Nikki Emerton as they both share a passion for helping children.

Laura lives in Warwickshire with her husband and two young children.