Ofsted incorporated the impact that school life and the curriculum have on pupils’ mental health when it developed its new framework last year, and proposals are already in place to make mental health a compulsory part of the curriculum by September 2020.


As a teacher of an anxious child, you’ll know the challenges all too well;

  • Fear of ‘failure’ outweighs the excitement of trying new things.

  • Certain situations are so challenging, the child is forced to avoid them altogether.

Instead of exploring a world of possibilities, children can be left struggling in a land of limbo and closed doors.

Seeing any child distressed is difficult for the caregiver, after all, their well-being is in your hands.

But what happens if you don’t have the tools or time to help?

Well-being and Confidence Workshops for the whole school

Workshops designed to be delivered to the whole class from KS1 right through to KS4, tailored to fit into your own timetables.

Exam Workshops

Specifically designed to give confidence and assertiveness for those pupils who are taking exams and need a bit more confidence.

Transition Workshops for the whole school

Transition from year 6 to year 7 can be a tricky time, the skills the students will learn on these workshops will assist in this transition.

All of our workshops can be delivered to smaller groups with much more coaching involved. Typically these will be in small groups of 6-12 students where the practitioner can coach the students individually for better learning outcomes.

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“Thank you to Happy Confident Kids for a superb day’s training. The initial staff training provided a valuable insight into the physiology of anxiety and gave staff the confidence to recognise the early warning signs, so that they can handle situations in the best possible way. The children’s workshops were valued by pupils who enjoyed learning how they can change their mental state with a few techniqes, which they can use in any situation. The sessions were delivered sensitively and professionally. Thank you to both the trainers.”
— Mr Thorpe, Headteacher