Are you worried about your child’s well-being?

We have a range of workshops and courses that can help your child be more confident, able to manage their own emotions and deal with new situations.

When a child has anxiety, lacks resilience and finds new situations difficult then..

Our 3-week course teaches confidence, resilience, self-esteem and how to manage their own emotions.

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Week 1

We focus on building confidence, self-esteem and resilience whilst beginning to teach calming strategies. Introducing the importance of our own strengths and how to recognise them.

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Week 2

Helping children to make choices, resolving anxiety and how to let go of anything that is no longer useful.

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Week 3

Calm is a skill, a mastery. We specifically focus on harnessing this particular area and consolidates all of the skills learnt over the entire course.

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“After week one my 7-year-old boy said it was just like a party Mum, I even got a goody bag ( referring to the happiness jar) he really enjoyed it”
— L, Solihul
Thank you for rescuing our precious daughter, fingers crossed this is the beginning of much happier times for her
— J M, Wiltshire

Transitioning can be a difficult time for many…

Our transition workshops can be invaluable in giving your children the tools they need to manage changes in classes, year groups and school much more confidently

Call us on 0333 358 0390 to find workshops running near you.

“When in worship, my daughter stood up straight, with a big smile and said her two lines as loud and as clear as no one else did.
This is a huge turnaround from where we were.”
— M, Salisbury
“I just loved the honesty and the positivity throughout the course. It let children know that it’s natural to feel worried, it’s ok to need a bit of help to believe in yourself.”
— Lisa, West Midlands