Having established a career in prison education it soon became apparent to Elizabeth that the key to successful teaching and learning was for the learner to first be present in the classroom.  When experiencing anxiety, depression, unhelpful thought patterns etc. we can’t be open to learning.  And after being introduced to NLP to overcome her own extreme health issues relating to a lifetime of anxieties and not having the tools to manage them, chose to train in NLP both for herself and to use in the classroom.  The changes she noticed in the learners, and herself, was incredible.

Having been a teacher in the education system for almost 20 years, it was becoming increasingly obvious that this was not supportive of her own wellbeing and secured a sabbatical and went off to walk the length of Britain.  Upon her return she made the decision to leave her management educational position to set up her own NLP based English language school.  Today she works with GCSE learners to support them through their GCSE English Language exams, whilst building confidence and resilience within her teaching with the use of NLP.  The change in learners has been remarkable.

Elizabeth lives in Hertfordshire and is married with 3 adult children: 2 with mental health issues, 1 of which she provides sole emotional and practical support to live in the community.