Ann Grandchamp


Ann is an accomplished NLP Master practitioner and Lightning Process practitioner. She is also an educator for home-schooled children. Before qualifying as a practitioner, Ann and her family lived in New Zealand for many years. She was a private French teacher and ran a piano service business with her husband.

As a child, Ann suffered from anxiety and lack of self-esteem and knows first hand what that feels like. She was also an expat kid and had to learn to change cultures and adapt to each new one.

These struggles continued into her adult life until Ann found the Lightning Process which enabled her to take back control of her life and health and be the happy and confident woman, wife and mother she wanted to be. She now works with adults and children, coaching them and passing on the keys and tools to a thriving mental and physical wellness.

Ann loves helping children and feels very privileged and passionate about accompanying them on the road to becoming confident and happy.

Ann now lives in Switzerland with her husband and 2 children.